Android Pos System – ap4


With AP4 – Our Dual language Android Based Technology Standard All-In-One POS System that is design to be fast, user friendly, reliable and most importantly affordable to assists retailers & food N beverage operators to run the business by improving the standard business requirement swiftly and efficiently!

APP POS 4 Lite Interfaces

Android Pos System – ap7


With AP7 – Our solutions, including integrated front office, back office, integration with HQ web-based solutions, are designed to optimize and streamline workflows, improve customer service, and increase the bottom line. We provide the development of Mobile interfaces to enable direct interaction and communication with the guest through several channels, such as apps, E ordering POS software, E Smart Menu Ordering POS software and kiosks.
We offer several deployment options, ranging from onsite installations (Offline) to fully-hosted solutions (Both Offline & Online). And with a vast number of certified interfaces to third-party products, we ensure best-in-class connectivity of your retail & hospitality system.

APP POS 7 Interfaces

Android Pos System – ap8 Enterprise


With AP8 – Our AP8 POS ERP system recognizes that many hospitality organizations have their own unique operational requirements. This solutions development provides a total IT system solution for our customers. And, with in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry, TRUSTS’ Development teams provide the product management, business analysts, and engineering resources to ensure your unique development and customization is handled professionally, accurately, and timely.

Our expertise runs from extending the reporting features of TRUST’S products, to complete custom mobile & web application development including enterprise wide distributed database systems.

AP MMO POS Interfaces

Impact Media Studio – Digital Signage


IMPACT MEDIA STUDIO believe for design to be successful it cannot go without function and strategy. Therefore everything we design for our clients is bespoke, using years of industry experience to provide sound solutions through appropriate platforms.
Branding with after effects and illustration.

Supported with the most intuitive digital signage content management solution available. Designed specifically for non-technical users, the application is delivered right into your web browser. There is no software to install and maintain.

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