Inventory management is a method of interpreting or overseeing and controlling the order and storage of the raw materials used during the production of an item. The inventory remains to be an asset for a company till the sale, as it represents the investment. A successful Inventory Management does include several efforts, due to storage, incurring of cost and insurances. If these objectives are mismanaged, the consequence can cause financial issues along with shortage in the inventory.

An Inventory Management system can provide:

  • Creating purchase orders by developing a plan.
  • Ensures whether the items are available whenever needed.
  • Avoiding high inventory levels through JIT (Just in time) method.
  • Schedules material delivery through sales forecast using MRP (Materials requirement Planning) method.
  • Accuracy in work.
  • Improves bottom line etc.


We provide our clients with an impressive solution to manage their Inventory without Complications. TRUST follows the right methodologies to manage your stocks or raw materials. Our specialized group of Inventory management system is always ready to deliver solutions in managing Inventories.

  • Saves time Inventory management requires ample time and coordination; we provide your cost efficient results saving your time through simple and intensive planning.
  • Tracking your Maintenance We schedule and log maintenance events at the required period of time. This includes various aspects such as audit trial, uploading reports. Tracking this maintenance will make the process up to date.
  • Cloud maintenance Preferring a smarter way, we store all your records such as products, orders, customers and transactions in the cloud.It helps in keeping those records backed up.
  • Advanced forms of working We follow advanced Inventory management functions for dealing with cases like stock inventory supplies including categories like food materials, electronic appliances, and medicines.
  • Usage of Check out module In case equipments like AV equipments, computers check out/check in feature is prominent; where we use modules to reduce write-offs, equipment losses, purchasing costs etc.

Bounded with wider functions TRUST enables your company to work accurately without financial confusions, with regards to Inventory management. Our quality to take control over the process with pre-planning and analysis of the inventory or stocks in the warehouses or store rooms causes exceptional management service work with perfection.

TRUST, with an experience in Inventory Management system, has always aimed to cater good functionality services and solutions for companies who prefer to manage their Inventory system smoothly.