Departing from the traditional form of Money transferring, the generation has brought itself to ease, through Money Remittance systems. The transformation of electronic media has delivered extreme progress in Money Remittance services.

Transferring of money through cashless mode has created comfort in the process. Cashless modes include

  • Electric fund transfer or bank based payments.
  • Money order
  • Wire transfer
  • Direct deposit etc.


The growing transferring service of money has been developing from its initial stage. Our understanding on this statement encourages us to deliver results of an impactful service in Money Remittance system.

TRUST’s Remittance service include

  • Instant Money order Our Money order service is instant and we ensure that it is safe, reliable and convenient. Simultaneously it provides instant service.
  • Electric clearance service An alternate method for transferring of bulk payment or payment of interest, dividend, salary etc.
  • International money transfer service Our collaboration with various high qualified money remittance companies allows us to transfer inward international money quickly with security and reliability.


  • Assures Compliance In an environment with subsequent regulatory change and increase in fines of non-compliance, banks require support for automation. We provide them a set of service that acts as a supportive element to maintain regulatory change and avoid fines.
  • Managing the risks in banking transaction Remittance of money deals with transaction through banks which has risk as the major ingredient. We solve these concerns through business continuity, management, operational resilience and compliance.
  • Avoiding liquidity risk Arranging liquidity is an important aspect in a service, especially in banks. We enable the bank to utilize the liquidity through manual output.
  • Fraud risk Fraud risk during wire transfer is a threat. To avoid this risk it is necessary to understand the origin of the wire which creates more hassles and difficult situations. We can provide appropriate solutions through authentication, analysis of the device, session navigation and behavioral profile.


TRUST’s quality in Money remittance is an undeniable factor due to maximum positive results we provide. Our easing the burden of Sanction filtering, Mitigation of risk oriented areas, High flexibility and compliance makes us a healthy service provider in Remittance service system.

We support high volume operations designed to make the process more eligible for comfort in Remittance service. A wide service along with various platforms for remittance is a major specification we enable our clients to use.