ICV POS Solution Or App Pos (AP4) POS Systems are pre-qualified for Government assistance schemes. Eligible SMEs* can claim a cash grant of up to $5,000 to purchase APPPOS (AP4) Systems

Ap4 provides all task information required for your projects to get organized by that allows you to know exactly where your project or business stands at any given moment. It has a well tuned permission system helping in placing your project task stand at any time and shares them without any issues. It helps in

  • Easy sharing of files online.
  • Improves communication process for the team.
  • Scheduling and managing project plans.
  • Fast, reliable and user friendly.


Our Dual language Android Based Technology Standard All-In-One POS System that is design to be fast, user friendly, reliable and most importantly affordable to assists retailers & food N beverage operators to run the business by improving the standard business requirement swiftly and efficiently.

Our APP POS interface:

  • Manage item
  • Holding bill and unpaid bill
  • Inventory check
  • Stock in
  • Search Bill
  • Report view

Every business is unique. We must provide a layer of customization for both the presentation and functionality. Our AP POS 4 promises to approve and gear the requirements in the POS process which consists of important qualities.

  • PLATFORM AGNOSTIC Every business deserves choice. What we create must work with a variety of devices and operating systems.
  • EASY-TO-USE Simplicity with powerful performance; Software should never get in the way, and we design it with this in mind.
  • GROWTH More business happy business. It’s our job to help your business grow. We must keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest technologies in order to capitalize on future growth opportunity.


We use Ap4 to centralize all project tasks, documentation, and enforcement, through our dual language android based technology in AP4, with the assurance that all available information is instantly updated and distributed by all members of the project, increasing the accessibility. TRUST’s ability and expertise in android POS with customized solutions makes business simple and accurate with complex deliverance.