Custom Php development is used to design or develop web based contents through php language. It is a scripting language used for creating web applications in a web page .It can be embedded into html code or can be used with web templates or web management systems. It is managed by an interpreter that acts as a module or as a CGI (Common gateway Interface).

Major areas:

  • Server side scriptingIt’s a traditional field for (php). This requires a module or a CGI, a web server and a web browser. Connecting the web server during Php installation and then accessing it with the web browser can make it visible in the server.
  • Command line scriptingThis helps in running a Php script without any server or browser by using parser techniques. It is basically ideal for scripts that re regularly executed.
  • Writing Desktop applicationsIt is not a right selection to prepare a desktop application but it can be done through advanced features like php-GTK which is an extension to Php.

Our Custom PHP Development Services:

TRUST is a leading Custom PHP development services provider with professional workforce who develop customized performing and cutting edge applications for web services and business managements. The services basically deals with

  • Unique Website development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Maintaining Business applications
  • Creating CRM systems
  • Management of Ecommerce tools
  • Customized development and programming
  • PHP and ecommerce maintenance
  • Social Networking site development etc.

We make optimum use of all the recent technologies along with development methods in mySQL. Making use of PHP to design a custom based web application to allow the business to grow is also an important aspect of our work. As mentioned before, our group of PHP developers, aim to perfectly deliver all the technical aspects necessary, with their expertise in PHP (LAMP), Linux, MYSQL, Apache, Custom AJAX, jQuery. It also includes Drupal, WordPress, Magento.

Our other efficiencies exist in:

  • Developing quality web application with customer satisfaction
  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Keeping up confidentiality as per NDA policy.
  • Promising 24/7 customer support.
  • Providing Post deployment support.
  • Maintaining transparency in work.
  • Using PHP security layers to avoid threats and viruses.

Our performance in creating PHP applications with beneficial results is the key that makes us dominative in the market of Custom PHP development. Therefore we believe in continuing with the effort and provide satisfactory solutions to our valuable customers.